2018, 6th February – British Citizenship Ceremony at the British Consulate Milan, 


2014 With Daniele Rustioni, the Producer Andrew Walton and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.


2013 The Conservatorio of Milano.


2011 With Fabio Mastrangelo and The State Hermitage Symphony Orchestra.


2011 With Daniele Rustioni, my former pupil, at Golder’s Hill Park, London.


2011 I Solisti Veneti with Claudio Scimone and Patricia Adkins Chiti


2010 With Reinmar Neuner and the Aachener Kammer Orchester.


2006 With Eric Sòlen and the Gera Altenburg Filharmonische.


2003 With Michael Guettler and the Gera Altenburg Filharmonische.


1954 Three weeks old with my mother


Letters from musicians